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The Grey Panthers
The Grey Panthers

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If you would like to see ALL the photos taken on a walk, please follow the instructions below.

You can view photos on the Flickr website, either
a. One at a time, small size,
b. One at a time, full size (8 Mp)
or, best of all,
c. As a Slide Show.

To do so,

No need to sign up or anything. And it's all free,

This will bring you to my "public" photo page.

There are several sets of photos.
Select one you would like to view.
Select "View as a Slideshow". (top right)

You will then get a full screen slide show of ALL photos in that set.
If you hover your cursor over the centre of the displayed image, a big "i" comes up.
Click on that and you can have captions.
Turn off the captions by clicking on the little cross at the bottom right of the screen.