The Grey Panthers
27 November 2019, - Neasham, Girsby & Low Dinsdale

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7.0 miles

Explorer Map No 304, - Darlington and Richmond

This walk was designed specifically for wet weather conditions. Knowing that recent bad weather had resulted in flooded fields and muddy footpaths the route was designed to minimise difficulties in walking in such conditions.
Because of this, a substantial part of the walk used minor roads.
Although the roads were all minor roads, there was surprising amount of traffic on them. Due care must therefore be exercised.

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Start from Neasham village, parking in the main street. (NZ325 101)
Walk Eastwards along the footpath on top of the flood defences, which takes you to Sockburn Lane.
Turn right in Sockburn Lane(CARE : traffic) and continue walking Southwards to High Sockburn.
Opposite High Sockburn there is a farm track leading to Girsby Bridge. Cross the bridge and head uphill to the small church.
Continue on the lane to the minor road that connects Girsby to Dinsdale. Turn left and follow this road into Low Dinsdale, crossing the River Tees by the road bridge just before Low Dinsdale.
Return to Neasham on the minor road.

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