The Grey Panthers
1 November 2017, - Saltburn & Skinningrove

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8.0 miles

Outdoor Leisure Map OL26, - North York Moors (Western Area)

An ideal walk for any time of the year. Although the described walk was made in damp and foggy conditions, it was still enjoyable. Far better, though, to do the walk on a clear Summer's day, to enjoy the views that much more.
The start and finish of the walk involves a moderately steep ascent / descent, as does the section entering Skinningrove.
Navigation is very straightforward.

No Memory Map overlay is provided for this walk, as it is easy to follow using the Ordnance Survey Map only.

Start from the esplanade above the Pier in Saltburn (NZ66520 21647).
Head down the steps to the base of the cliff and then walk towards the Ship Inn using the promenade by the sea front.
Just past the Ship Inn there is a set of steps leading to the Cleveland Way footpath.
Ascend the steps and follow the footpath that follows the edge of the cliff all the way to Skinningrove.
To descend to Skinningrove, there is a set of steps which takes you down to Cattersty Beach.
From the beach, head into Skinningrove.
Retrace your steps to return to Saltburn.

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