The Grey Panthers
28 November 2018, - The Infinity Bridge Walk

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3.0 miles

Explorer Map 306, - Middlesbrough and Hartlepool

You don't need a map to enjoy this walk. The route is extremely easy to follow, and can be extended to take in the Millennium Bridge and Victoria Bridge in Stockton if you want.

Park in the car park by the Premier Inn at the Tees Barrage. (NZ463 192).
Walk down steps to the Tees Barrage, then cross over the barrage.
On the opposite bank of the River Tees, turn right and follow the pavement / footpath to the Queen's Campus.
Past the University buildings is the access to he Infinity Bridge.
Cross over the River Tees by this (pedestrian) bridge. On the North bank of the river, turn left and follow the footpath to the Princess of Wales Bridge.
Cross the river by this bridge, then follow the road South to a roundabout.
Here you could head Westwards to the Millennium Bridge if required. Alternatively, follow the road East towards the Riverside College.
At the roundabout, turn left and make for the Infinity Bridge.
Cross the River Tees once again, then turn right to follow the footpath back to the Tees Barrage.

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