The Grey Panthers
21 June 2017, - Sleights, Ruswarp & Whitby

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8.0 miles

Explorer Map OL27, - North York Moors (Eastern Area)

This is a "there-and-back" walk using, mostly, the Esk Valley Walk.
Navigation is vrey straightforward, although there is one point near the start of the walk where you need to pay attention to the map and to waymarks.
The ascents and descents are fairly gentle, although where the route crosses the old railway track bed there are some faily steep steps to climb and descend.
There are three stiles to cross on the field footpaths.

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Start from the station at Sleights (NZ867 081). There is limited parking in the street outside the station.
From the station, head up Lowdale Lane and cross over the Iburndale Beck. Take the signposted footpath on your left along the edge of the cricket ground.
Continue ahead where the footpath leaves the cricket ground and continue up Echo Hill. Where the Echo Hill track turns right continue along the track until you come to a field gate. Pass through the gate and climb uphill at the edge of the field.
Turn left along the field footpath at the field boundary. The footpath is marked by a waymark on the right, set in the hedge. If you don't pay attention this waymark is easily overlooked!
Follow the clearly marked field footpath to Hagg House Farm.
At the farm, turn left and head downhill until you come to the railway track.
Cross over the railway line, turn right and follow the track to Ruswarp.
The track emerges outside Ruswarp where Oakley Bank meets Sneaton Lane on the B1416. Cross the road to take the pavement on the opposite side down into Ruswarp (CARE needed re. traffic).
Where Sneaton Lane meets Ruswarp's High Street, cross the River Esk on the road bridge and continue up the High Street until you come the Esk Valley Walk signposted on your right, - about 200 yards up the High Street.
The footpath is reached by a narrow alleyway which opens onto a paved field footpath.
Follow the Esk Valley Walk, following directions on the finger posts where other paths intersect, to Whitby.
The Esk Valley Walk emerges at Whitby's Caedmon College School, and then at the A171 viaduct over the River Esk.
Take the footpath down from the viaduct into Whitby.
The footpath connects with the Marina car park.
From here head Northwards to the railway station, and to Whitby's pier and other attractions.
Return by taking the footpath from the Marina car park that runs beside the River Esk to Ruswarp.
From Ruswarp, retrace your steps to Sleights.

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