The Grey Panthers
18 March 2020, - Sutton Bank Loops

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8.8 miles

Outdoor Leisure Map OL26, - North York Moors (Western Area)

Choose a day when the visibility is good and the sun is out, and this will be a totally rewarding walk.
The walk is described in two parts, stopping at the Sutton Bank Visitor Centre for a picnic lunch (or using the cafe) before continuing. However, either of the two described sections can be used if a shorter walk is required.
Navigation is very straightforward, and there are no gradients od any particular difficulty.
The only point to watch out for is that the National Parks Authority have laid out cycle trails alongside footpaths. The cycle trails look to be very inviting to use, as they have a good surface. But beware, - the cyclists travel fast and have the right of way.

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Start from the Sutton Bank Visitor Centre (SE51644 83122).
The first "loop" that was walked today started from the Visitor Centre and followed the signs for "The Finest View in England".
This latter is a viewpoint overlooking Gormire Lake and the Vale of York
From the viewpoint take the footpath Northwards (the cycle trail runs parallel to some of this footpath).
Follow the footpath for about 2 miles until you come to a finger post indicating a footpath to the Hambleton Road. This finger post is near a rather distinctive tree,
Cross over the the Hambleton Road, then head South along the road (CARE : traffic) to return to the Visitor Centre.

For the second "loop" take the footpath from the Visitor Centre Eastwards through the Hambleton Plantation until you come to a track that runs approximately North-South.
Follow the track to the main A170 road. Cross the road (CARE : traffic) and follow the minor road all the way to the Gliding Club.
Continue past the Gliding Club until you see a clearly marked track on your right that takes you along the edge of Sutton Bank, overlooking the White Horse of Kilburn at one point.
Continue on this track back to the Sutton Bank Visitor Centre.

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