The Grey Panthers
13 September 2017, - Pinchinthorpe, Newton under Roseberry & Airyholme Farm

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9.0 miles

Explorer Map OL26 - North York Moors (Western Area)

A year-round walk in a popular walking area.
The walk is a circuit round Roseberry Topping, and, if required, the ascent of Roseberry Topping itself could be included in the walk.
The walk starts from the Pinchinthorpe Country Park, and starts out along the railway walkway.
Farm footpaths and farm tracks are used for the walk. Navigation is very straightforward and there are no special difficulties.

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Start from Pinchinthorpe Country Park (NZ58422 15252). Small fee payable for car parking.
Head Westwards along the railway walkway. After 1.7 miles, a footpath is indicated on your left.
This footpath, over farmland, leads to Snow Hall Farm. The footpath is clearly waymarked.
Cross the farmyard at Snow Hall Farm, and take the farm track on your right that takes you into Newton under Roseberry.
In Newton under Roseberry, follow the main road Southwards for a short distance until you come to a car park used by visitors to Roseberry Topping.
At the South West corner of this car park, a footpath is reached. The footpath follows the edge of agricultural land beside the A173.
Where the footpath ends, take the farm track and then farm footpath in a South South Easterly direction until you come to a lane.
Turn left into the lane then follow the lane into Cliff Ridge Wood.
Where there is a footpath that leaves this lane, take the footpath and follow it in a South Easterly direction until you come to the farm road that leads to Airyholme Farm.
Turn left on this road and continue to Airyholme Farm.
There are benches by the duck pond at this farm where you may want to stop and admire the view of Roseberry Topping.
Continue in a North North Easterly direction up the farm lane to Roseberry Common.
Once on Roseberry Common, turn right and head up the path to Newton Moor.
On Newton Moor, continue ahead on the Cleveland Way footpath (a broad, well-defined track).
When you come to a junction, take the left-hand track that leads down into Hutton village.
In Hutton village, turn left and follow the road until you come to track on your left that leads to Home Farm.
Continue on this track past the farm until you return to your starting point in Pinchinthorpe Country Park.

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