The Grey Panthers
12 February 2020, - Marske & Upleatham

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8.7 miles

Explorer Map 306, - Middlesbrough and Hartlepool

A walk that starts from one of the car parks between Redcar and Marske, providing an opportunity for a short section of coastal walking before heading inland.
The walk between Marske and Errington Woods initially follows the road (Marske High Street), before continuing along a track.
There is an easy to follow track through Errington Woods, before taking the track and footpath to Upleatham.
From Upleatham some road walking is involved in order to reach St. Andrew's Old Church.

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Start from the car park opposite Millclose Howl (NZ624 236).
Walk from here along the coastal edge to Marske. Head Southwards down the High Street and continue along the pavement to the traffic roundabout where the A1085 meets the A174.
There is a crossing over the A174 by this roundabout (CARE : traffic).
Now take the lane to Errington Woods, and continue to the very top of this lane.
Turn right into Errington Woods and follow the track until you exit the woods.
At this point, do NOT take the footpath on your left, but continue for about 10 yards to take the track that heads South.
Where the track ends, take the footpath Eastwards up a grassy footpath, then take the track downhill.
Where this track meets another track, turn right and continue into the village of Upleatham.
Head Eastwards along the main street in Upleatham, and just past St. Andrew's Church (now a private residence) turn right and follow the road until you come to the B1268.
Turn left, - CARE : traffic, and follow the road to the Old St. Andrew's Church.
Now retrace your steps to Upleatham, the turn right to follow the street and then lane to Errington Woods.
Now retrace your steps to Marske and your starting point.

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