The Grey Panthers
24 July 2019, - Seaham & Ryhope

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7.6 miles

Explorer Map 308, - Durham and Sunderland

The first part of this walk uses the English Coastal Path bewteen Seaham and Ryhope. The return to Seaham utilises, mostly, the old railway track bed that used to carry the Sunderland-Hartlepool railway line.
Obviously, the walk can be made also by the outward leg being along the railway track bed, returning along the coast.
The only gradients encountered are the ascent to the cliff top footpath, and the descent / ascent of Ryhope Dene. Neither is especially taxing.

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Start a small car park that overlooks Seaham Harbour (NZ430 496).
Walk Northwards along the road, and then the cliff top path. Descend to the promenade which runs under the cliff.
Follow this promenade to the point where it ends, and ascend to where there is a car park with a sculpture and information boards.
Now take the waymarked ECP footpath along the cliff top.
At Ryhope Dene, the footpath heads inland to wards the main road, and then returns to the cliff top.
Walk along the top of the cliff to where the path turns inland towards Ryhope.
In Ryhope, turn right on the road and walk a short distance to the Village Green (where there is a War Memorial).
From the Village Green take the road that heads South, and after about 200 yards there are some stone steps on your right that lead up the bank.
At the top of these steps is the Railway Inn, which is itself close to the start of a walkway that follows the old railway track bed.
Head South Westwards along this walkway. After first crossing the dual carriageway on an old railway bridge, and then passing through a cutting, you come to a footpath marker on your left.
Take the signposted footpath that passes under two main roads and leads to an industrial estate. The path then continues to a minor road (though busy) that runs North-South. Turn right and follow this road for about 300 yards.
On your left take the signposted bridleway beside Lord Byron's Walk.
When this bridleway joins the minor road, follow the road (over the railway crossing) towards Seaham Hall.
Just before Seaham Hall, take the clearly marked footpath to St. Mary's Church.
From the church, return along the cliff top path to where you started.

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