The Grey Panthers
18 August 2021, Ampleforth & Gilling East

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6.2 miles

Explorer Map 300 (Howardian Hills and Malton)

A delightful walk which takes in woodland South of Ampleforth, returning via a farm lane. Navigation is very straightforward and there are no stiles to cross.

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The start of the walk is from the South end of Ampleforth village (SE58472 78247).
Follow the signposted footpath, from where there is a sharp bend in the road to Yearsley, to the Fish Pond (SE58983 76555), - a small reservoir South South East of Ampleforth.
To the East of this pond there is a broad track running South into Park Wood.
Continue on this track Eastwards until there is a junction at SE600 760. Here turn left and after about 200 yards you come to the head of The Avenue.
Walk down The Avenue towards Gilling Castle. At the boundary fence where it advises "No Thoroughfare" turn sharp right. Follow the footpath through woodland at the edge of the Golf Course. This brings you to Gilling East, almost opposite the church
Head along the main street Northwards for a short distance.
When you come to Potters lane on your left, follow the lane all the way back to the pond in Park Wood.
Return along the footpath North to Ampleforth village.

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