The Grey Panthers
27 January 2016, - Pinchinthorpe, High Cliff Nab & Guisborough

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10.0 miles

Outdoor Leisure Map OL26, - North York Moors (Western Area)

A walk that utilises well-used tracks and footpaths, starting from a Woodland Park. The walk takes you to High Cliff Nab, one of Cleveland's "3 Peaks", where there is a splendid view over Guisborough from its almost 1000 ft summit.
The walk travels onwards to Guisborough using the Cleveland Way footpath to Slapewath, and then field footpaths from Slapewath to Guisborough.
The return to Pinchinthorpe from Guisborough utilises the old railway track bed along which the old Middlesbrough to Guisborough Railway ran.
There are some reasonably steep ascents and descents on this walk.
Navigation is straightforward, though it helps to check things on the map as you follow the Cleveland Way in the Forestry land above Guisborough.

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Start from the Woodland Park at Pinchinthorpe (NZ58414 15265).
Follow the track Eastwards towards Home Farm and Hutton Village.
When you reach the minor road, turn right and after about 200 yards take the footpath that is on your left.
Follow this footpath to where it becomes a broad track and continue Eastwards.
The track then turns sharp right at a point where another footpath is met. Continue uphill along the track, heading for High Cliff Nab. This track is well used, and in wet conditions can become very muddy and slippery.
Where the track emerges at the Tees Link fingerpost, you may continue starlight ahead up a steep footpath to High Cliff Nab. Alternatively, take the broad track on your right which soon swings to the left and brings you up to High Cliff Nab.
From the summit of High Cliff Nab, take the Cleveland Way footpath to Slapewath.
The Cleveland Way follows Forestry tracks along this section of the walk. There are several branches leading off from the main track, and you may need to follow a map to make sure that you keep to the Cleveland Way.
Once you reach the main road at Slapewath, there is a field footpath to Guisborough immediately on your left.
Follow this footpath until you come to the main road that leads into Guisborough. After crossing the road, take the footpath across a field into the town itself.
Walk towards the High Street in Guisborough, then turn left towards Belmangate. Continue Southwards until you come to the disused railway bridge, then take the steps on your right up to the railway walkway.
Now follow the walkway Westwards to Hutton Gate.
At Hutton gate, turn left along the minor road until you come to the footpath which you originally took from Pinchinthorpe to Hutton Village. Turn right and retrace your steps to Pinchinthorpe.

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