The Grey Panthers
4 March 2015, - Richmond & Hudswell

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9.3 miles

Explorer Map 304, - Darlington and Richmond

Although a "year-round" walk, sections of the walk can be quite muddy in wet weather or winter-time. Towards the start of the walk, the footpath crosses a small field in which cows have turned the going into a quagmire.
There was one part of the walk where the footpath crossed the Sand Beck. At this point the footbridge had been removed (previously washed away?) and some improvisation was required to cross the beck. Expect wet feet if the beck is running full!
The only other difficult section was the ascent of the Hudswell steps. To get from the River Swale to Hudswell involves an ascent of some steep steps, though by a bit of route planning there are alternative ways up.
Otherwise, navigation is quite straightforward and there are some superb views to be had on this walk.

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Start from the Nun's car park in Richmond (near the cricket ground). Fee payable. NZ16786 01096.
Walk down Finkle Street into the Market place, cross the Market place to Millgate and continue onwards to Riverside Road and Richmond Falls.
Take the footpath beside the Falls that runs beside the River Swale to Station Bridge. Cross the bridge and continue past the Station until, - near Priory Villas, you come to the finger post indicating the footpath to Richmond Bridge.
Cross Richmond Bridge then continue beside the River Swale. Continue past the footbridge at Round Howe, and after a further mile or so you come to the Hudswell steps.
These steps connect Hudswell village with Lownethwaite Bridge. There is a steep climb uphill to the village of Hudswell.
At the top of the steps, initially head up the field, but then turn right to find the footpath in the top right corner of the field.
Take the footpath into Hudswell.
Turn right and follow the road to Hudswell's parish church.
A couple of hundred yards past the church, take the minor road to Sandbeck Bridge and Berry House Farm. Continue until you meet the Richmond-Leyburn road.
Turn left (CARE : traffic) and after a couple of hundred yards follow the signposted footpath North West to Hudswell. This footpath crosses the Sand Beck and you may find that there is a problem getting over the beck if the footbridge is still missing.
In Hudswell, turn right and follow the road to Richmond for about 1/2 mile. At a road junction, there is a signposted footpath that returns you to Richmond.
Where this footpath meets woodland, take the footpath that is waymarked on your right.
This footpath crosses several field boundaries (all waymarked) as it heads East to eventually return you to Richmond.

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