The Grey Panthers
21 January 2015, - Ingleby Arncliffe & Square Corner

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10.2 miles

Explorer Map OL26 - North York Moors (Western Area)

A year-round walk in a popular walking area.
Navigation is very straightforward, making use of well-used lanes, footpaths and tracks.
There are some reasonably significant gradients on the walk, - especially the climb out of Oak Dale to Square corner.
The descent into Arncliffe Wood is very steep and can be slippery, especially in wet weather.
It is recommended that the route be followed in an anti-clockwise direction, as it is very easy to miss the footpath leading through Arncliffe Wood to Scarth Wood Moor if you walk in the opposite direction.

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Start from the parking area outside All Saints' Church, Ingleby Arncliffe (NZ45258 00305).
Head South Eastwards up the road past Arncliffe Hall, and then the farm track.
When you meet the Forestry track at the junction, turn right. Follow the Forestry Track until you come to a finger post indicating the Coast to Coast Footpath. Continue in the direction indicated by this finger post and after about 100 yards take the track on your right.
Continue on the track to Chapel Wood Farm, and then onwards into Rueberry Lane.
Turn left out of Rueberry Lane where it meets Quarry Lane (road), and after about 200 yards take the farm track on your right,
Follow this track Eastwards past the farm buildings and continue on a field footpath to reach Green Lane.
Turn right in Green Lane and follow it Southwards until you come to the road.
Here turn left and then right to follow the Cleveland Way footpath through Oak Dale and onwards to Square Corner.
When you meet the road at Square corner, turn left and follow the road past Chequers (now a private house).
Where a track (marked as "Unsuitable for Motor Vehicles") meets the road, follow this track for about 1/4 mile.
On your left is a track leading to Rocky Plain Farm. Follow this track to Green Lane, and turn right.
Follow Green Lane into the Forestry plantation and continue on the Forestry track.
Take the first track on your left, which takes you down to the Cod Beck Reservoir.
Cross the dam and then turn right to follow the well used footpath to Sheep Wash.
When you meet the road, follow the road in a Northerly direction until you meet the track on your left that takes you to the Cleveland Way footpath on Scarth Wood Moor.
Do not follow the Cleveland Way footpath when you reach the top, but follow the track in a Westerly direction beside the field wall until you come to a gap in the wall crossed by a stile.
Follow the footpath to Arncliffe Wood, then descend (steeply) to meet the Forestry track that eventually returns you to Ingleby Arncliffe.

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