The Grey Panthers
12 November 2014, - Sutton Bank, Cold Kirby & Old Byland

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10.7 miles

Explorer Map OL26, - North York Moors (Western Area)

A walk that uses easy to follow tracks and footpaths, with a bit of road walking.
Starting from the Sutton Bank Visitor Centre, the walk then takes in the village of Cold Kirby, the valley of Flassendale, and the village of Old Byland before returning via Cold Kirby.
There are no particular problems with the route, apart from the descent into Flassendale. The footpath proper follows a very steep drop, which in wet weather can be somewhat slippery. However, this can easily be avoided by following a Forestry track to the valley bottom.
Possibly the highlight of the walk is the ancient church of All Saints' in Old Byland. This church has traces of Saxon architecture, and is well worth a visit.

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Start from the Sutton Bank Visitor Centre (SE51644 83115).
Just opposite the Visitor Centre car park, at the junction of the road that leads to Cold Kirby, there is a well signposted footpath and cycle track that heads East through the plantation.
After a short distance there is a signposted footpath to Hambleton House on your left. Pedestrians are meant to follow this path, as the alternative (continuing Eastwards on a well made track) is designated for cyclists only.
FRom Hambleton House, follow the clearly signposted footpath to Cold Kirby.
Head down Cold Kirby's main street to the church. Just past the church, where the road bears left, continue straight ahead along the track to Flassendale.
Descend into Flassendale and continue North Eastwards on the clear and broad track. Where this joins the Cleveland Way footpath again, continue past the ponds in Spring Wood to Ashberry Farm.
At Ashberry Farm, turn left up the minor road.
a short distance up this road there is a signposted footpath through Reins Wood, Dick Wood and Low Gill that takes you to Old Byland. In wet weather this path can be a bit muddy, and an alternative route is simply to follow the road to Old bYland.
Turn left when you reach the village of Old Byland, and cross the village Green to visit All Saints' Church.
From the village Green, take the road to Cold Kirby.
Ignore the footpath on your left that leads to Tanker Dale. A short distance past this, on your left, is a bridleway to Cold Kirby.
Once in the village, retrace your steps to the Sutton Bank Visitor Centre.

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