The Grey Panthers
23 May, - Wensley Bridge & Redmire Force

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10.2 miles

Explorer Map OL30, - Yorkshire Dales (North)

One of the best walks in Wensleydale, - PROVIDED that the visibility is good and that conditions aren't too wet.
There are stretches beside the River Ure where it can get extremely wet, - in particular, the section between Wensley Bridge and Lords Bridge can get flooded at times of heavy rainfall. Best, therefore, to chose relatively dry weather for the walk.
The views on the walk are spectacular, which is why it is best enjoyed in good visibility.
Although there is a climb from West Witton up to High Lane, this can be taken in stages and is relatively gentle.
There are several stiles along the path South of the River Ure on the return leg which varied from straightforward to quite tricky.
A stretch of raod walking along the main A684 needs a bit of care, though it is possible to keep well into the side of the road for most of the way.

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Start Point : A lay-by on the A684 on the South side of Wensley Bridge (SE09093 89353).
Take the footpath that ghoes from the South West corner of the bridge, beside the River Ure, to Lords Bridge.
Cross the lane and take the footpath straight ahead over three fields, and then head South West across a field to its corner where you find a walled lane.
This lane takes you to West Witton.
Head Westwards along West Witton's main street, and then turn left up the minor road to Melmerby.
A little way up the hill there is a "water lane" on your right. The "water lane" is a stony lane along which a small stream flows. The lane eventually ends up at the Chantry caravan park.
However, about 1/4 mile down the lane is a footpath over fields which takes you up to High Lane.
Head West along High Lane for about two miles.
You come to another farm lane on your right which heads downhill, and leads to the signposted footpath to Temple Farm.
This footpath takes you to the Templars' Chapel ruins.
Just past the chapel ruins, a gate lead you to a track which heads downhill to Temple Farm. Follow the footpath beside the farm to exit at the A684.
Head Westwards along the A684 (great care needed) until you come to farm track on your right. Follow this for a short distance, then continue in the same direction over a field to join Stony Stoop Lane (an ancient walled lane). Continue to the River Ure.
At the river, turn right and follow the footpath Eastwards.
Just above Redmire Force, there is a gate in the wall where the footpath leads you down (fairly steeply) to an area by the Force.
From here, follow the footpath, well marked and indicated, beside the River Ure back to Lords Bridge.
From here, retrace your steps to Wensley Bridge.