The Grey Panthers
17 August, - West Scrafton & Great Haw

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7.7 miles

Outdoor Leisure Map OL30 - Yorkshire Dales (Northern & Central Areas)

This walk is DEFINITELY not one for a novice, or anyone who isn't happy using a map and compass.
The walk is also really only enjoyable on a fine day, when the visibility is good. To undertake this walk in bad weather, with poor visibility, would just be a total waste of time.
Curiously, the walk was described in the August 2011 edition of "The Dalesman". We find this curious as "The Dalesman" is a popular magazine, whereas this walk should really only be attempted by those with some experience.

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The village of West Scrafton is very small, and parking is very limited. The parking area used, as suggested by "The Dalesman" magazine was on High Lane just outside the village. (SE07481 83783).
Head back to the village and at Bow Bridge a broad track on the left is signposted as being a footpath to Nidderdale. Follow this broad track uphill for the next mile or so, going past some spoil heaps (coal mining) until arriving at a fenced-off area with more mining activity and further spoil heaps. At this point the broad track effectively ends.
Now continue Southwards on a footpath until you come to the fence line.
Do not cross the fence. Instead, follow the fence (on your left) Southwards until you arrive at a fenced off corner, - the summit of Great Haw.
The footpath followed up to this point goes over some very rough ground, crossing a number of deelp channels running though the peat bog. Some care is needed traversing these channels.
From the summit of Great Haw we took an "optional extra" by following the fence line to Woogill Tarn. This crosses further rough ground, and isn't very enjoyable.
Retrace your steps from Great Haw, initially following the fence line again.
After going down hill you will notice an old fence post on your right, somewhat larger than the others.
At this point, head across the rough moorland on a bearing of about 310 degrees, parallel to Rowan Tree Gill.
There is no footpath, and it is essential that you stick with the bearing.
You eventually descend to Lead Up Gill, which you cross just upstream of a ruined circular sheepfold.
Initially continue on a bearing of 310 degrees until you approach a fence line. Here the faint footpath changes to follow Lead Up Gill on your right at a bearing of about 30 degrees.
Continue on a faint footpath through rough grassland until you meet a stone wall.
At this point, keep an eye out for a suitable palce to cross Lead Up Gill again. This may involve making quite a big jump across the Gill.
Once across the Gill, continue on a bearing of about 30 degrees, following a faint footpath over rough grassland, until you come to the broad track that leads you back to West Scrafton again.