The Grey Panthers
08 August 2007, - Coalcleugh and Carrside

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9.0 miles.

Explorer Map OL31, - North Pennines (Teesdale and Weardale)

There are some stunning views to be had on this walk, BUT.....
The walk is fairly strenuous, crossing some very uneven and boggy ground. It is recommended that you do NOT do this walk in poor visibility, as it would be quite easy to go off course and find yourself falling into small flooded holes and bogs that are all over the place.
It is essential to be able to navigate with a map and compass, and preferably also a sateelite navigator. Some of the footpaths are quite obscure, and there is nothing to follow but a set course.
There is a climb up to the Three Curricks which is fairly steep, and is made over very uneven ground.
Basically, this is a very rewarding walk, but should only be undertaken in a) good visibility, and b) if you are fit and capable of navigating over rough moorland.

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Start from the lay-by beside the road at Coalcleugh, NY80192 45257.
There is a signposted footpath that takes you Westwards past the farmstead of Sunnyside, past disused mine workings, and up onto the moorland. Take this path until you come to a gate in a wall (NY79143 45189).
Do NOT go through the gate, but turn sharp right and follow the footpath Northwards. To help guide you, there is a series of footpath marker posts showing the route.
However, on top of the moor, the footpath becomes progressively fainter, and you will need to follow compass bearings (or your sattelite navigator). A prominent cairn helps you keep on track.
The footpath eventually meets a wall on your left.
Keep the wall on your left, heading Northwards until you come to a minor (farm road).
Here, immediately turn right and head South East towards the farm at Farney Shield.
Leaving Farney Shield, the footpath splits into two (shown by a marker post). Take the left fork.
This path now crosses "The Bottoms", - a VERY rough and difficult piece of ground. There is no "ffotpath" to follow, and you will need to use your map, compass, and satellite navigator to follow a route that takes you to the footbridge over the River Allen at NY800 481.
Cross over the river and immediately turn right, following the footpath beside the river until you come to a footbridge at NY801 475 (do NOT cross the river).At the footbridge, follow the path uphill to the hamlet of Carrshield. Cross over the road, and take the marked footpath up to Carrshield Moor.
After passing through a gate that leads onto the moor, you will again need to use your map, compass, and satellite navigator to follow a route up to the Three Curricks (NY813 469).
From the Three Curricks, the route down is fairly starightforward, - following a marked footpath not far from the Three Curricks.

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