The Grey Panthers
5 November 2003, - Bank Foot to Baysdale Abbey

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12.3 miles.
Outdoor Leisure Map No 26, - North York Moors Western Area

A circular walk across both Ingleby and Baysdale Moors.
Although the tracks are fairly straightforward to follow, providing you use your map and compass, it is essential that you are prepared for such a moorland walk.
On the day we did the walk, it was bright and sunny elsewhere but there was low cloud and poor visibility on the moors, - as well as a stiff Southerly wind. A good object lesson in the potential problems of moorland walking.
We met two walkers who were NOT using their map properly, and were about three miles and 90 degrees off course! (at Grid Reference 630050 instead of 640066).

Memory Map
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The start of the walk is from Bank Foot, a small hamlet (NZ5926706117).
Follow the lane and forestry track uphill, in an Easterly direction, to pass Turkey Nab (a viewpoint).
Follow the track Southwards to meet the Cleveland Way at Tidy Brown Hill (NZ6013804996).
Head North along the Cleveland Way to the moorland track at NZ6043206129.
Head South East along this track to cross Black Beck, and continue to the Middle Head track at NZ6160704481 (just before reaching Middle Head, there is a "short cut" path across moorland).
Follow Middle Head due North to Baysdale Abbey at NZ6207406713.
Continue North along the Bridleway for a short distance, before taking the lane heading South East to Thorntree House.
Continue along the track in a South Easterly direction, then due South, to some grouse butts at NZ6321305014.
Here the track splits.
Take the South-South-Westerly track to the ruins at Armouth Wash, crossing Black Hagg Beck at this point.
Now follow the track North West to the junction at NZ6165604019.
Take the South Westerly track to Burton Howe at NZ6080003264.
At this point, rejoin the Cleveland Way heading North.
At Tidy Brown Hill take the track that returns you to Bank Foot.

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